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Today - everything happens at a faster pace; budgets are tighter, production deadlines shorter, and audiences are more demanding. To prosper in this dynamic environment you need an audience response provider who can operate leaner, faster, and smarter than ever before. Audience Response Solutions provides innovative audience response services to capture the opinions, perceptions and beliefs of your audiences. Our geographically distributed team delivers the greatest value, at the lowest cost, to our clients. Leaner, Faster, and Smarter... they matter!


We are artists, innovators, technologists… and inquisitors. We believe your audiences hold the answers to your most urgent questions… all you have to do is ask them the right questions to uncover their unique insights… insights which can provide you with a significant competitive advantage. Planning and execution are critical, because the “moment” only comes once. Our job is aligning ideas, technologies and creative executions to help you achieve your business goals. Leaner, Faster, and Smarter... they matter!


The value added difference we bring to every project is focusing on your strategic objectives, designing a question strategy to deliver the data you need and delivering on-site service which enhances the meeting experience for your audience. We are specialists in: Large audience polling (+1000 keypads), Wide Screen audience response, GameShows, Contest Judging and Brain Storming. Contact us to find out how we can help you capitalize on the wisdom of your audiences. Leaner, Faster, and Smarter... they matter!

the audience response solutions difference:

Device Independent

Single solution providers offer support for either keypads or smart devices… we support both, simultaneously. We use powerful work-station caliber laptops and wireless networks to implement local and remote polling with smart web-enabled devices as well as dedicated keypads. Hardware should be transparent and always support the question strategy.

Creative Solutions

We understand that every presenter has one opportunity to make this presentation to this audience... we focus on providing solutions to make it count! We combine visual effects, animation and music to create maximum visual impact.

Unique Game Shows

No one likes taking a test... but everyone loves playing a contest! Our All-Play Game Shows are a great way to validate learning, build team pride and have some fun. We recreate popular tv game shows or we can design a custom game for your event. We can track the scores of the entire audience, selected teams and individual's simultaneously.



VActors are Virtual Actors and make the perfect high tech hosts. 3D computer generated characters animated in real time, they add entertainment value delivering their own special personality and offering a unique carefully scripted perspective.